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#1 in Home Personal Training® 



GYMGUYZ is proud to be the first gym franchise opportunity in mobile personal training and home fitness. As the leader within the fitness industry for home personal training, we don’t meet you at the gym. Instead, for your convenience, we bring all the equipment and expertise directly to your door. When and wherever you wish to work out.

Our qualified and personal trainers will bring all the necessary equipment to ensure every workout is customised specifically for you. All designed with your fitness level and personal goals in mind.

The GYMGUYZ team is focused on creating convenient, customised, and creative workouts for each individual client. We incorporate our philosophy of these three C’s into every fitness activity plan. As such, bringing our mobile personal training services to clients of any fitness level.

With the GYMGUYZ approach, our qualified personal trainers use various techniques to ensure that two workouts are never the same. However, just as importantly we ensure our workouts are always fun and challenging.


GYMGUYZ provide mobile personal training to help individuals get fit and achieve their goals. Conveniently working around any work, family and lifestyle commitments.

Our qualified personal trainers will help establish a home work out and fitness plan. All regardless of age, ability, previous experience or current fitness levels. What’s more, our home personal trainer can bring the workout and equipment directly to you.

At GYMGUYZ there are no contracts or monthly fees, as clients pay per session. As an added incentive, the first session is ALWAYS FREE. Discounts are also available on pre-paid bookings of 10, 20, 50 or 100 workout sessions. It is also possible to arrange a personalised fitness plan to include more than one session a week.

Getting Started with GYMGUYZ

The first session is a complimentary assessment, designed to help establish your fitness goals and develop a fitness program specific for your needs.

The assessment includes:


Nutrition assessment


Fitness assessment


Body assessment

We re-assess all our clients every 15 weeks. This is in order to track their achievements, ensuring we are working towards and exceeding their goals.



A snapshot of the fastest growing fitness franchise:


Year Founded: 2008


Personal Training Coaches: 400


GYMGUYZ Vans On The Road: 250


Lives Changed: 100,000+


Countries: 3


Josh York started the GYMGUYZ business in 2008. However, it was many years prior that he began creating the path that would lead to a successful mobile personal training business. It was during his high school days of playing hockey that he developed a passion for fitness. He made the connection that being physically fit helped him perform better on the ice and feel great at the same time. Josh fulfilled his passion for health and fitness by working as a personal trainer in gyms on Long Island whilst earning his bachelor’s degree.

In 2007, after graduating from college, Josh began working for a marketing firm and continued working as a personal trainer in the evenings. It was on one of these evenings at the gym that something clicked. He noticed that gym members were inconsistent. They seemed to have various reasons not to show up at the gym and work out.

Whether people were working late, unable to leave the house after a busy day, or just needed to get a meal cooked, Josh realised that there are dozens of rational reasons why many people are not consistent gym-goers. This is when he started developing a solution.


Using his creativity, his professional background in marketing, and his solid knowledge of health and fitness, Josh decided to launch his own company. He would offer an experience that was completely different by bringing customers a unique service: a mobile fitness company that comes to the venue of their choice. GYMGUYZ was invented, with a fully equipped van containing weights, resistance equipment, body bars, and a lot more. The personal trainers would develop personalised exercise and nutrition programs designed to ensure clients achieve their personal fitness goals.

Josh created GYMGUYZ from an idea and, like many great entrepreneurs, he started the GYMGUYZ business in his parents’ house in 2008. The dining room became a mini GYMGUYZ and office. He started with a vision, a laptop, and one van. He conducted business at the dining room table with a cordless phone and one folder with a few client names.

Josh was not only running the business, but he was training the clients as well. When not training his clients, Josh drove the GYMGUYZ van every day, up and down the Long Island Expressway, in an effort to market the GYMGUYZ brand and attract new clients. Soon that one folder became multiple files, and the dining room became crowded with file cabinets, a printer, a fax machine, and marketing materials.


In 2010, the demand for in home personal training grew significantly. Josh hired a qualified personal trainer to help him train the growing number of clients, and by the year’s end, he needed to add two more vans and hired three more employees. In 2011, GYMGUYZ added another three vans to the fleet and recruited additional qualified personal trainers to join the team.

In 2013, it was time for GYMGUYZ to take the next step and open the official GYMGUYZ headquarters on Long Island in Plainview, New York. Now with a spacious office, full-time office staff, a fleet of vans, and a dedicated sales team, Josh began the franchising process.

Josh continues to aim high with a goal of 500 franchises within the next five years, including franchise opportunities in London. Josh’s advice is to always to ‘follow your dreams and truly believe in your vision’. If you’re interested in joining the home personal training industry, take a look at our franchise directory and sign up to one of our gym franchise opportunities in the UK and London with GYMGUYZ.