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GYM Franchise Opportunities FAQs

Your Questions answered

Here we answer FAQ’s about our GYMGUYZ franchise opportunities. Becoming a part of the nation’s leading personal home training franchise is an exciting chance to run your own business. However, we appreciate you may have several questions. As such we are here to help you every step of the way, providing the support you need in order for us to become a successful team and grow together.

Do you help with hiring the trainers?

GYMGUYZ has invested a lot of time and money into determining the best programs to use to work efficiently. We currently use an end-to-end hiring management system that sources employees from the world’s leading job boards. This system allows us to screen, interview, verify, and hire employees all through the platform.

Can I be a passive owner?

Please be aware that this gym franchise opportunity is not a passive business. As you grow, within 3-4 years of opening, it may be possible to passively own the business. However, the owner’s responsibilities include marketing, hiring trainers and networking. GYMGUYZ is a project management business and the ability to be a good networker is a key component to our business model.

Do I need fitness experience to be a franchise owner?

Franchise owners are not required to have a qualification in home fitness. However, a basic understanding and passion for the fitness industry is a bonus.

What are the plans for GYMGUYZ in the future?

We are looking at expanding our mobile gym franchise opportunities worldwide. Take the journey with us as we head towards world domination!

Do I get a discount if I purchase multiple territories?

Yes – simply let us know and we can discuss.

How big of a territory do I get?

A basic territory has over 12k people in socio-economic group A and B

Can I purchase a GYMGUYZ franchise in a territory where I do not reside?

Yes, of course! The scalability is endless and our gym franchise opportunities are not just restricted to where you live.



You will receive continuous support including: 


Business planning


Continuous training


R&D for fitness trends


Local market development


Training videos


Instructional videos


Monthly webinars


Weekly phone calls

How many people can attend the training?

Franchise owners and partners must take part in the training. You may also bring trainers if you would like.

Where does the training take place?

The training includes 5 days at our UK headquarters and a two-day visit to your territory.

How long before I can begin operating my GYMGUYZ franchise?

After training is completed, you can be up and running within 8-12 weeks.

Do you help with marketing and advertising?

The brand development fund is available to assist with marketing. We also assist in handling all social media and email mailouts to reach our customer base.

Do I purchase the equipment in the van?

Yes, the equipment is purchased through one of our vendors. This price is included in the start-up costs of our franchise opportunity.

How do I get the van to my location or territory?

You are responsible for having it shipped from the GYMGUYZ UK office, or you may choose to drive the van to your location.

Do I purchase or lease the GYMGUYZ van?

All our vans are leased and included within the start-up cost of your new franchise.

How much money will I make?

Revenues may vary significantly depending on a number of factors. Please refer to our franchise memorandum.


Yes, this is very important. We encourage all of our GYMGUYZ clients to consult with their GP to ensure that they are healthy enough to begin training sessions.

What are your royalty fees?

The royalty fee is 8% of gross sales and the brand development fund is 2% of gross sales. Both fees are paid weekly.

How do I obtain a copy of the GYMGUYZ Franchise Disclosure Document?

Upon completion of a telephone interview, we will email you a copy of our franchise memorandum.

Why should I join the GYMGUYZ franchise?

GYMGUYZ is a franchise company that is revolutionizing the mobile fitness industry. The industry has spread out among all age groups and will continue to grow, along with the demand from our health-conscious consumers.