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GYM FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY IN Northolt, Hillingdon & Uxbridge

GYM Franchise Opportunities in Northolt, Hillingdon & Uxbridge

GYMGUYZ low-cost franchise opportunities in Northolt, Hillingdon and Uxbridge give you the chance to join the home personal fitness industry in London.

Our franchise opportunity in Northolt, Hillingdon and Uxbridge doesn’t require searching for a building or physical office space. What’s more, you can be open and operating in as little as 8 weeks!

Even if you have no background in mobile personal training, this is not a problem. Our franchise opportunity provides unmatched training and support for all our owners, whether you are the mobile trainer in London or planning to manage a team covering an area.

Personal Training in Northolt, Hillingdon & Uxbridge

If you are searching for home personal training in Northolt, Hillingdon and Uxbridge – get in touch with a member of our team at GYMGUYZ.

With the help of a home personal trainer, you will be more motivated about your workout and training. GYMGUYZ handle the all the fitness schedules for you helping you get the success you deserve!

The GYMGUYZ team of fully qualified and mobile fitness trainers are dedicated to providing a home workout that offers challenging and fun sessions.

Our home personal trainers in Northolt, Hillingdon and Uxbridge bring the workout to you. Providing all the right equipment, without the stress of making it across London to the nearest gym.

About Northolt, Hillingdon & Uxbridge


The Northala Fields in Northolt may feel like a mountain but really it’s just a large hill. Ideal for pushing yourself with cardio fitness exercises, while the stunning views provide a wonderful backdrop for group training.


While Hillingdon is one of London’s least populated boroughs it is in fact one of the largest in terms of size. With over 800 acres of woodland, it’s easy to find somewhere secluded to carry out your training session.   


It’s always nice to reward yourself after a home workout. If you’re personal trainer is in Uxbridge, there are some bespoke and independent shops along Windsor Street and well-known brands on the high street.